df2392384f88228afdbbc785bb6cef7d.jpgTechnology has become so miniaturized and pervasive that it is considered a natural part of the environment. People use it on an almost instinctive level. The Spirit King was the last person to comprehend this technology in its full glory. It allowed him to rearrange the stars themselves and forge an interstellar empire that has endured for centuries.

His masterwork was Wan Xiu Dian, a monumental palace whose rooms were scattered across countless worlds and constellations, bound together by transdimentional portals with inner workings known only to him. For the residents of these planets, interstellar travel is as easy as walking through a door. Consequently, the dynastic worlds have become the empire’s beating heart.

Their rulers are the Devas, descendants and students of the Spirit King and inheritors of his greatest treasure: an artificial plant whose fruit grants eternal life and health. Having long ago turned over the empire’s day-to-day administration to AIs, the Devas live isolated lives of leisure and excess. When they do get involved in events beyond Wan Xiu Dan’s walls, it is solely for their own amusement. Common folk have learned to cover their heads and wait for the storm to pass.

The real power lies in the Celestial Civil Service, a virtual world of AIs built upon the nano-computer network that permeates the empire. The Lotus King or, master AI, was built from a neural map of the Spirit King’s brain shortly before he ascended. In all the ways that matter, they are one and the same.

There are five generally recognized kinds of nanotechnology, each identified with one of the traditional elements. No one since the Spirit King has been a master of them all. Which one a person specializes in is largely determined by their social class. With study however, a practitioner becomes adept at bending earth, metal, fire, water, or wood nanites.

DATE: Pending
PLAYERS: Pending
RULES: Light, Medium (Apocalypse World, Risus, Window 2e)


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