crystal_street_by_sandara-d5k5e75.jpgAbout 200 years ago, a benevolent noble saw potential in a group of four young adventurers. He outfitted the ragtag bunch with new weapons, tools and armor. Grateful, they immediately set out into the wilderness in search of gold and glory. Years passed without the noble hearing word of their exploits, so he assumed that they had met grisly fates. Decades passed, and the adventures became nothing more than a sad memory.

Years later, the great dragon Graxtorax descended upon the people of Freeport in a wave of death and fire. Just as the city defenders were beginning to lose hope, a group of four veteran warriors rode across the plains to the city. Known as the Company of the Radiant Heart, they waged an epic battle against Graxtorax and slayed the great wyrm. When the beast fell, the four pushed their way past the cheering city folk and made their way to noble’s manor. Now an old man, the noble could hardly believe his eyes—it was the same four adventurers he had outfitted so long ago.

The heroes stayed for the following week, regaling the noble with tales of far off lands and bounties. They eventually bid farewell, but the people of Freeport started a new tradition to honor the adventurers’ courage. Every year on the anniversary of Graxtorax’s death, the mayor of Freeport holds a formal ceremony where he gives valuable gear to upstart adventurers. This is the prize of the Esterdell Gauntlet, a city-spanning competition that includes challenges of strength, wit, and speed.

DATE: Pending
EXAMPLE CAMPAIGNS: A Gift of Silk, Canto, Names of the Willow, Seventh Ice, The Thousandfold Hour
PLAYERS: Pending
RULES: Light (Tavern Tales)


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