Image026.pngTrams rumble in the streets, men politely tip their hats when they see someone they know. Horses trot on paved alleys, but the automobile is about to make its presence known. Smoke climbs from the factory chimneys, paperboys sell the Morning Post. In the darkness of the cinematographer, silent movies flicker in black and white. Electricity is making its appearance in people’s homes, but still, many live without. Along the roads at night, gas lamps are burning bright. There is no television, although some people have purchased, or built, a crystal radio.

But right beneath this everyday atmosphere, there is another side to the city. In the middle of town, the Moon Tower looms. In a park in the most refined neighborhood, there is a society consisting of talking apes. Downtown you’ll find, or not, a street which only exists on Fridays. In Itras By you will meet cannibals and crazed scientists, giant spiders and brave adventurers. A network of chambers lies deep underground, collapsed temples and sunken buildings, populated by ghastly monsters.

Itras by labels itself a “surreal role playing game”. It’s also been called a retro-urban fable. The rule system is card based and focuses heavily on freeform and improvisation. The setting is a city, reminiscent of Western cities in the 20’s and 30’s. In the city center, reality is relatively stable, but the further afield you get, the more it deteriorates, mutates, becomes dream-like. Players are heartily encouraged to make Itras by their own by changing, adapting, adding and subtracting. There are pulpish elements, horror elements, creepy surreal elements, all together in a strange blend we hope will inspire.

DATE: Pending
PLAYERS: Pending
RULES: Light (Itras By)


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