Nero Skyborne (Thetatron)


He was found abandoned at an orphanage, infant age. Accounts of those that took care of him say that he was always a good child, never cried, and had some kind of warm aura about him. The boy claimed he dreamt nightly about the Great Gold Wyrm, and would go out to the woods to practice what the Dragon taught him in his dreams.

That boy eventually joined the ranks of a Paladin Order and served under the name of the Great Gold Wyrm. To the dismay of his leaders, he sometimes skipped training sessions and lessons for what he claimed "important business with the Dragon. At first they were skeptic and didn’t believe him. Then the boy went missing for a month, and he returned with a small trinket. Proof that the Golden Wyrm had indeed chosen this boy for greatness.

The proof was a golden scale, etched with the Mark of the Wyrm himself. It was then later revealed to the highest officers of the Order that the boy was gifted with divine powers, having angelic blood coursing through his veins. Because of this, the boy was being taught the arts of war through visions and dreams by the Dragon, as well as the arts of demon slaying.

The boy went by the name Nero Skyborne, so not as to bring unneeded or unwanted attention to himself on a day to day basis. His true name is Thetatron, the Will of The Great Gold Wyrm from beyond the Void, a name fitting for an angel.


Nero Skyborne (Thetatron)

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