9f141b50a84aa0a3175a8bb0ced0ce22.jpgIt’s early 1919, the immediate aftermath of the Great War, and the victorious Allies are discovering that their victory is not yet complete. The madman Dr. Walter Schottky is missing, but British investigators have found evidence of his work on “galvanic intelligence” in a secret laboratory south of Berlin, as well as plans for an installation in German East Africa.

Meanwhile, towns and aircraft across Africa and the Mediterranean are coming under attack by machines equipped with the results of Schottky’s research. Mechanical nightmares are raiding towns from Lilongwe to Benghazi, burning and looting their way across the war-torn land.

How can he be stopped? Allied High Command thinks it has the answer.

Deep inside Germany, postwar inspectors have discovered the largest Zeppelin ever constructed—Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie. She’s a flying aircraft carrier, capable of launching, recovering, and servicing over a dozen fighters while aloft. High Command has placed her under the command of General Geoffrey Salmond, head of the Royal Air Force, and has convinced Valkyrie’s builder, Dr. Hugo Eckener, to join the mission.

The last piece of the puzzle is a motley collection of flying aces and barnstormers to pilot the planes—that’s you. Your orders from Allied High Command: “Destroy Walter Schottky’s galvanic forces.”

DATE: Pending
PLAYERS: Pending
RULES: Light (Fate)


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