to_the_sky_by_hangmoon-d655wks.jpgIt’s the near future, and you’re one of the young people who have been entrusted with the Demonstar Codex. The Occult Empire of Hashin has been secretly making inroads into governments, corporations and the circles of the wealthy and powerful. They seek to plunder our world for its dormant Helix Energy, a powerful wellspring of raw magic. Their old world is dying, having been drained and abused by a selfish, debauched class of plutocrat nobles, sorcerer-lords who have sacrificed what it means to be a person in order to maintain comfort and power.

Earth has fought back the Hashin before – every few centuries or so, arcane brotherhoods, religious practitioners and secret societies have arisen to defend the world. Each generation has used a different means, building upon the first. This time, the Empress of the Hashin will use the bound elementals and divine beings at her command to crush Earth’s resistance and steal the energy she feels is rightfully hers. These monstrous beings are as tall as buildings and unstoppable by conventional armies.

Aleister Crowley, the most infamous of occultists, left behind the Demonstar Codex. “Everyone one of us is a star,” he wrote, and only those with the erudition to comprehend occult mysteries yet the burning idealism and hope to believe in a better world could summon forth their holy guardian angel, their Daemon, and have it manifest in the material world. If you fail, the world may finally fall. You will take your turn fighting the Hidden War, using your mystical Daemon mecha to light your way, shining brightly.

DATE: Pending
PLAYERS: Pending
RULES: Medium (Battle Century G; One Roll Engine; Risus)


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