Boogie_nights_bigger_fangs.jpgNew York City, 1978. Last year, the city endured the chaos of the blackout of ‘77 and the terror of the Son of Sam killings. This year, Studio 54 makes millions by giving beautiful plebs and dazzling celebrities a place to party at $20 a head. Condensed sweat rains from Studio 54’s mirrored-laminate ceiling—sweat evaporated from the brows of celebrities, maybe—and falls back on the dancers below.

This is a New York City that has recently discovered Star Wars, Annie Hall, Smokey and the Bandit, and Close Encounters. Superman, The Deer Hunter, and Every Which Way But Loose come out in December. The Warriors comes out next year but its inspiration is all around. Refer to real-world gangs like the Young Immortals, the Majestics, and the Dukes for some thematic verisimilitude. Organized crime of any stripe is apt in this age—and RICO was enacted just eight years ago.

This is a time of rock and disco, of reckless hedonism and casual sex, a time before consequences. Debauchees high on blow, poppers, or Quaaludes dance and laugh and lust and cry in swank clubs and dirty dives all over the city. Amongst the chaos, boogeymen hunt in the open, the undead find easy prey in drug addled partygoers, and New Age spiritualists release terrible eldritch beings from cocaine laced hallucinations.

DATE: Pending
PLAYERS: Pending
RULES: Medium (Dresden Files RPG; Monster of the Week; Risus)


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